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How to Choreograph to Ice Skating Music

Figure skating and ice dancing have always been two of the most popular events at the Olympics. They are showcases for extremely talented athletes. While the skill and athletic ability of the skaters is the most important thing, the music that they choose for their performances can make the crowd more excited. This adds to the intensity of their performance. It might even help to sway the judges during a close competition. However, choosing the correct music to choreograph a skating routine to is much easier said than done. How does a skater and his or her coach select just the right music to compliment their routine and set the proper mood?

A skater’s routine should tell a story to the audience that is watching it. Therefore, before you select any music, you will need to come up with a story for your routine in your mind. It is vitally important to bring the audience into your show. Make them feel like they are a part of the action. You need to feed off the energy of the crowd. The only way you will be able to do that effectively is if you design your choreography to a piece of music that excites the crowd and stirs their emotions. This is why a great deal of thought must be put into your music. You should not simply select the first song that pops into your mind.

Choreography is an excellent method of self expression. It is a very personal thing. Because of this, your musical selection should also be a piece of music that is very important to you. Choose a song that allows you an adequate amount of time to tell an interesting story on the ice. Like a regular novel, your choreography must have a beginning, middle and end to it in order to tell your story in a cohesive manner. Therefore, it would be wrong to choose a piece of music that sounds the same all the way through. Ideally, you want your song to have different sections to it. They do not necessarily have to be different tempos. However, each part needs to have a completely different sound and feel to them. This will make it much easier for you to tell a discernible story while you are on the ice.

Along with your musical selection, making shapes with your body is another key element of your choreography. When you are deciding how to move your body while you are on the ice, try to think of arm and leg movements that will be visually exciting for the audience. You must also make sure that your movements flow correctly with the music you have chosen. Your routine will most certainly have a series of jumps and spins, so they need to be timed perfectly to your musical selection. Timing your routine also includes skating faster when the music speeds up, and skating in a more calm and relaxed manner during the slower parts of the song.

If you’re looking for which songs to help you express your moves best, try out non-lyrical songs first, because lyrics are powerful – and we don’t want that to distract you from your ice skating number. In warmups, choose something relaxing and epic for a warm up, Mobile Legends’ soundtrack is great to ease your body first. Slowly work your way to a faster paced non-lyrical music like something from Coldplay. Lastly, as you’re warmed up, go for an even more fast paced song that would challenge your body and limbs to coordinate well. Finally, play your chosen Ice Skating song for additional real competition practice.