My 2005 Practice My Practice with the Tape Deck Player Going back to 2005 when i done my practice with the Tape Deck player. Introducing the A/V cable. I used it with the tape deck player and my Compaq computer. This system was upgraded to Windows 98. I connect the A/V cable on back of the Tape Deck Player in player side and the tip to the microphone. I open up the sound recorder and the volume control. For the Volume Control, switch to recording control. Select Microphone and bring the range a little bit to hear after done recording. When i’m ready i click on record in the sound recorder and test it if it works. When it is tested, the sound started to work, because like the headphone it has to be connect to a certain side. I test couple if clips from the stereo and saved them too. Now, i’m ready to go on with my own business. I haven’t started making longer clips until about 1/2 or 1 year later. When I make my sound clips, then i save in *.wav but converting to *.mp3, because it seem like is almost like windows 3.11 in the windows 98 version. I saved it anyway, and add more to share it with anybody.

I know people don’t like the old device like the Tape Deck Player but all are for the audio cassette tape. I’m trying to make to busy from you can other to play like the shortcut. But 1st if you still got the audio cassette tapes, Tape Player and the Mp3 Cable. If you don’t have the Mp3 cable, you should the A/V cable, but you buy like the audio splitter. If you Tape deck player, then it is very simple, plug in the A/V cable on the playback button of the tape deck player. Then use the tip side of the A/V cable on the table, but move the printer off the table and put the tape deck player on the table and plug the other side to the microphone on the front or back of the computer. Now, this is going to work very good.
Here are the materials to bring at Home and/or buy

  • Tape Deck Player
  • Stereo: Is just exactly like the tape deck player when is the A/V cable connection (optional)
  • A/V cable
  • Audio Tapes
  • Headphone or speakerphone

Make sure that your outlets are plug in so it can work. Again connect the tape deck player to the computer and plug it on microphone (pink). Plug in your headphone on speakerphone (light green) so you can hear it. Also, rewind your audio tapes to the beginning in the tape player.

Open up the sound recorder and test it out and play any cassette tape on the tape player and press the record on the sound recorder and test it if it work. If it doesn’t work, open up the volume control. After opening that up, go in the file and go to properties. Then switch from volume control to recording control. On the recording control, select Microphone. Go a little up on the scale, not so up. Now, this is going to work, right. When it works, you are good to go.
First, test your audio tape with your sound recorder, first. Press play on your tape deck player and press the record on the sound recording software. The sound recorder goes up to 60 seconds. Is best to test it so, the sound can be heard. If it works, then save it on the computer.

If you want to go advance then find any audio recording software like either Jet audio or Audacity. I recommend you , Audacity. Audacity is the best audio recording software to record from your device. Download this one and also download the Lame Mp3 inside the audacity. When you are done these 2 then be ready to play then on your tape. Is just like sound recorder but you go for your own business.

If you play both side of your tape then you have to pause when it ends on each side of your audio tape on the audio recorder software (audacity) and back to record after turning over the tape. When you finish you can save each side or both sides of your tapes.

The best operating system that works when is sound/audio recorder are windows 2000 and windows xp. If you are using windows vista or windows 7 then i think you record it through line-ins.