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THINK FAST Name a fruit that starts with the letter B. What about an animal that starts with the letter R? The more creative your answers, the more points you score Challenge a random opponent or connect to Facebook and play with your friends and family. With the Scattergories app, the party never has to end FEATURES: • CLASSIC GAMEPLAY: Type your answers that fit the categories fast before the timer runs out • MULTIPLAYER AND DUELS: Challenge your friends or randomly chosen opponents in group or head to head challenges • PLAY WITH FRIENDS: Play with all your Facebook friends + share cool gifts • POWER-UPS & PROPS: Tons of exciting power-ups & prizes to increase your fun • GOALS AND LEADERBOARD: keep track of your achievements and see who gets the farthest • AUTO-CORRECT: A tiny typo shouldnt cost you the win. Get credit for your answers even if youre not a perfect speller • DISPUTES: Robbed of a win because we rejected your word? Let us know and well make it right Scattergories® is the one and only official mobile release of the original top-selling word game from Hasbro. If you like board games, dice games, word puzzles, Scrabble and other social games, you will fall in love with Scattergories Play the fun, fast-paced category game everyone can enjoy - completely FREE We appreciate your feedback Please follow us on social media, or give us a shout at scattergories@magmic.com Twitter: twitter.com/ScattergoriesM Facebook: facebook.com/ScattergoriesMobile Scattergories© 2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.